UGT expands the production place – start of activities 14th of March 2016

The building permission from the local authorities  has arrived – UGT starts on the 14th of March the building works for a new production hall  in Müncheberg in the Federal State of Brandenburg – This is a new step to enable our company to  better fulfill the demands of our customers in quick time and to improve the working conditions of our employees.

Lets take this event to look back a little  in the history of our company : On 1 July 1992 Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH started its business activity as starbust of the traditional Müncheberg soil research institute, today’s Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e.V. [Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research]. The founders of the company, Dr. Manfred Seyfarth and Bernd Fürst – today Managing Director of UGT together with Dr. Sascha Reth, started its production first in buildings that belonged to the institute ZALF. But already in 1998 UGT bought the own piece of land in the size of 10000 m² from the city of Müncheberg. This nice piece of land offered the opportunity to built up a well equipped company building with production hall and also a spacious territory  with greenery  to do our own in-situ field research and work with our monitoring equipment.   It was in 1999 when the own company building with production hall has been built up and UGT moved into the own place in the street Eberswalder Straße 58, in Müncheberg. Already in this time, there UGT was well known in Germany, as a leading company for the manufacture of monitoring equipment in the environmental sector. An outstanding feature of the UGT business activities was the own research and development department that enabled the company to develop special solutions for the universities and scientists of environmental institutes and for public authorities.

The employees of UGT have worked for many years scientifically in the fields of soil hydrology, geology and biology as well as in the scientific toolbuilding. Solid expertise paired with extensive scientific and operating experience in the laboratory and in the field is the basis for developing and manufacturing environmental measurement technology with high innovative character, quality and performance characteristics.

According to the company profile UGT produces and sells measurement and diagnostic technology for soil, water, atmosphere and plants as well as modules for environmental monitoring and sets up soil hydrological measurement sites on agricultural, forest, moor and water ecosystems as well as monitoring and control stations on landfills, mining recultivation areas and special locations.

The product range of UGT includes:

Lysimeters and Lysimeterstations, extraction technology for large-volume undisturbed soil monoliths as well as for soil columns of different dimensions, soil hydrological and soil physical measurement devices, climate measurement technology, plant physiological measurement devices, erosion measurement appliances, data loggers as well as soil laboratory devices.

The devices can be designed as laboratory or field devices and can be aggregated to complex environmental measurement stations for year-round outdoor monitoring. With the world wide success of the modern lysimeter stations of PE-material it was already.

So UGT disposed of a modern workplaces to develop and manufacture  applied microelectronics and fine mechanics and was able to produce within  a well equipped production location with machine park and production technologies that served the requirements.

The production location was supplemented in 2003 by an outdoor test area with integrated 4-fold lysimeter station, a weather station and a soil hydrological measurement site. These facilities are used to conduct project work and to verify measurement methods and measurement devices.

Because of the high level of innovation of the new solutions the UGT GmbH holds patent rights for 18 new developments so far and is among the market leaders in the fields described above.

The company concept has proved to be sustainable. Already in 2001 UGT started to manufacture big lysimeter stations made of PE-material. So the next step of building was necessary and UGT opened up the next production hall in 2003 in a height that served the needs of production.

Hard work – very good modern technology and production facilities – an experienced and motivated work team and leaders that were passionate and future orientated for the company led to a continuation success within Germany and abroad. Many projects led the UGT team to all continents and in more than 25 countries UGT equipment is used and helps with exact monitoring data to find solutions  for instance within a sustained land management or to recultivate soils or to enable new hydrological solutions.

In the beginning there UGT started with 9 employees now we have 30 employees in Müncheberg and opened up a branch office in Freising near Munich and a service centre in France. But our main office and production – the heart of the company is in the Federal state of Brandenburg in Müncheberg.

So we are proud to announce that – thanks to our customers – thanks to the development of the worldwide markets and of course thanks to our motivated team of employees we will now double our production space – the new hall attached to the building will have another 900 m² and will give room for the mechanical and electronic manufacture and it opens up also warehouse facilities.

Already in summer 2016 we want to move in!  Share with us the first pictures of the new construction

Yours’ UGT-team